By now you are probably excited about the health-boosting possibilities of smoothies. You also probably have a busy life. You may find it difficult to squeeze smoothie-making time into your already hectic schedule.

Don’t worry. The following tips and hacks will help you fit delicious and nutritious smoothies into your daily routine, so you don’t miss out on all the health rewards they deliver.

  • Make several smoothies at a time. Preparing 48 or 64 or more ounces of smoothies once and then storing in your refrigerator or freezer in individual containers makes for time-saving “grab and go” health.
  • A 32-ounce smoothie makes a filling, healthy full meal replacement.
  • When buying a blender, make sure the jar is easy to clean. Ensuring that your blender jar is dishwasher safe makes cleanup easy.
  • Plan one day each week for shopping for produce. When you get back home, dice, slice and chop your produce into small, blender-friendly pieces and store in separate transparent containers so you can tell what vegetables and fruits are what with a quick glance.
  • Save time (and money) going to and from the grocery store several times a week by buying in bulk in one trip. And when in season, getting fruits and vegetables from a farmer’s market or roadside stand means you are getting it as fresh as you can – picked just hours earlier right out of the field.
  • Make 32 ounces of smoothies for a couple of snacks during the day. At mid-morning and mid-afternoon, when you are tempted to reach for a sugary sweet for an energy boost, drink a 16-ounce smoothie instead.
  • Get the family involved. When everyone in your home begins seeing the health benefits green smoothies provide, they will want to make them a part of your daily routine.
  • Add some type of protein powder to your smoothies. This ensures you have plenty of protein-packed energy each day, since some vegetables and fruits don’t provide high levels of protein.
  • Swap your morning coffee for a smoothie.
  • Do your prep work the night before. While making dinner, why not chop, peel and dice your fruits and veggies and place them in the fridge for the next morning or the following day?
  • Arranging your kitchen so it is more efficient to make smoothies is also another time saver. Instead of putting everything away that you need to make smoothies, made a “smoothie station” on your countertop where everything you need is right at your fingertips. No more digging everything out and putting it away afterward. A few times of doing that and soon you are not making as many smoothies as you should due to the inconvenience of getting everything ready and putting it away.

Making smoothies doesn’t have to be a time-consuming job if done smartly and by using the tips in this article. Batch making from your smoothie station using pre-packaged ingredients will save loads of time and will always have smoothies ready at your fingertips.



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